What is a Union?
A union is workers joining together to pursue policies and goals beneficial to one and all. In other words, a union is you and your fellow workers, working together to better your everyday working conditions.

A union is what gives the individual worker a voice in decisions and events that directly affect him or her in an undertaking that constitutes a major portion of life, that is, work.

A union allows workers a say in changing workplace conditions and solving workplace problems. With a union contract and grievance procedure to back them up, workers don’t have to suffer in silence or feel that their only option to unacceptable conditions is to quit their jobs.
What Will BAC Local 1 Do For You?
As a worker, you have a right under federal law to form a union, select representatives of your choice and bargain collectively with your employer. This helps balance the power that employers have over individual employees.

Belonging to a union gives you rights under law that you do not have as an individual. Once you have formed a union, your employer must bargain with you over your wages, hours and working conditions.

From pay to training to retirement BAC Local 1 MVD will always negotiate for the best for our members and their families.
What Benefits Do Members Receive?
Insurance and retirement plans may be the most important benefits available to you as a union member. Without health insurance, a sudden illness or accident can not only hurt you, but can destroy savings and credit. An unsecured illness or accident can literally erase years of work. Coverage in Health and Wellness plan covers not only you but also your family. This coverage is paid for by your employer and jointly administered by their elected representatives.

As a union member you will be able to take advantage of our Free Training and Skills Upgrades that place you ahead of the curve.

For more information on other benefits offered contact our local office
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