Quality, safe and productive Masonry work


In order to remain the best hands in the business we must perform to the highest standard, while maintaining the safest and the most productive craftworkers available in the industry


No doubt that is a tall order but this is our challenge, our commitment and what we do best, we train union masons

With instructors certified by the International Masonry Institute and qualified by OSHA, Red Cross and MSHA, we are training to the best work practices while addressing the safety training requirements of our contractors on a job by job basis


Our priority remains, that we never cut corners on quality or safety while maintaining high production levels to retain our contractors competitive edge

Our Apprenticeship program is a Federal registered program


Financially stable and effective health and retirement funds offered to our union members


Human Resource department


Ability to manage workforce size

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What Can BAC Offer Your Company

Expanding your Economic Opportunities. Tools and Resources.

In recognition of the business expansion challenges our current and prospective signatories face, the Compliance Office engages in consistent efforts to stay abreast of business expansion opportunities available to contractors in the DC metro area. Whether Maryland, Washington, DC or Virginia, there are opportunities available to expand your business. 

WASHINGTON, DC-there are six programs offered by the following offices: Department of Employment Services, DC Works, and District Department of Transportation. All programs are construction- industry-focused. Providing ample funds, credits, and apprenticeship programs for employees-workers, these programs will give your company a competitive edge. 

MARYLAND-there are four programs offered by the Maryland Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation. Benefits comprise tax-credits, apprenticeship programs for your workers. The programs also provide business certifications opportunities providing your company with exclusivity in government contracting opportunities for public works. 

VIRGINIA-with over seven programs combined, the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry and the Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity have a strong focus in aiding small businesses development and expansion. The programs provide grants, tax-credits and certifications. 

For more details on these programs in all three jurisdiction click on the following link:  Consolidated List DC VA MD.docx