Welcome to the BAC Local 1 Apprenticeship Program.

Remember that an apprenticeship was the first degreed program for learning a trade or a profession for acquiring a skill-set and knowledge; long before the introduction of universities and colleges apprenticeship was the means for getting an education.


BAC Local 1 of MD, VA and DC remains committed to training the safest and most industry savvy masons, to meet the demands of the modern day construction regiment of schedules, codes and safety requirements.


Our training program assists in cultivating the talent of our apprentices by instilling in them the essential mechanics of craft, setting on the path to becoming skilled masons. We have also developed a number of classes that give the apprentices and journeyworkers a working knowledge of the technologies behind the modern wall systems while emphasizing the masons responsibility in constructing them properly.


As materials, and or the products in our industry continue to change we maintain vigilance in keeping abreast of these changes in order to respond by developing the training specific to maintaining the best hands in the business.

Our program is a Federal registered Apprenticeship program.



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